Perfect for those on a smaller budget: stone house in a Greek village and close to the sandy beaches of Stoupa


Deposit paid, sale in progress

A charming stone house only 6 km from the sandy beaches of Stoupa: welcome to Pyrgos, a Greek village located about 360 meters above sea level. The original house dates from 1845 and was rebuilt in 1994: a perfect summer house for you on a smaller budget! Excellent location for those who like to hike or spend long days on the nearby and lively beaches. It will feel extra nice to come home to the calm and slightly cooler temperature after the long and hot days.

"Home is where you go to find solace from the ever changing chaos, to find love within the confines of a heartless world, and to be reminded that no matter how far you wander, there will always be something waiting when you return."― Kendal Rob

Property ID: EKJ1936, Pyrgos, Messinia Mani

The house is 109,62 square meters and on two levels. Top floor (total 45 m2) accessed via a stone staircase and consists of two rooms. A kitchen (about 20 m2) with space for a dining table and with a large window facing the green Taygetos peaks. The large living room (about 25 m2) has a wood-burning stove and a beautiful and well-kept wooden floor. This entire floor has a traditional wooden and bamboo ceiling. On this floor and to the left of the stone stairs you will find a terrace with room for a table and four chairs.

The lowest floor (total 45 m2) is a converted Greek καμάρα (kamára, "vault") and here you will find two bedrooms (about 10 m2 each) with built-in wardrobes and cupboards. There is also a bathroom (approx. 5 m2) and a smaller hall (approx. 4 m2). Even the warmest nights should feel pleasant on this floor!

In the charming courtyard there is also room for a storage room where, among other things, there is a washing machine and where you can store winter firewood. The house has a very low property tax and is suitable for those who love Greece but have a slightly smaller budget.

Other facts you should know about

  • Price: 155000 euros
  • Building year: the original house dates from the 1800th century and the first renovation was completed in 1994
  • Renovation year: kitchen renovated 2017, roof 2019, bathroom 2020, new A/C units 2023
  • Energy certificate: will be updated shortly
  • House: approx. 109 m2. Two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage room
  • Parking lot: generally, in the village
  • Plot: 146 m2
  • Nearest grocery store, taverns and beach: Stoupa, about 6 km
  • Kalamata Airport:  approx. 59 km
  • Note: the map does not indicate the exact location but only shows area!
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Pyrgos, Stoupa, Messinia Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

Pyrgos (or Pirgaki), 48 km from Kalamata, is built on a hill – a natural observatory at an altitude of 360 meters, on the road leading from coastal Stoupa to other villages on the slopes of Taygetos. The village is called (not without reason) "the balcony of Mani". During Ottoman rule, due to its strategic position, Pyrgos took the role of observatory for captains living in the region. The village, with its old picturesque houses and courtyards is famous for the magnificent view and for the number of remarkable Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches.

About 6 km from Pyrgos is the unspoilt village of Stoupa with warm summers and mild winters. With two lovely sandy golden beaches (as well as several smaller beaches), this once sleepy village has become more and more popular as a tourist destination but still retains genuine Greece.

Stoupa is located in a fascinating area called Mani. This is the only part of Greece that was never conquered by invaders. The population, the Maniots, built tower houses (so-called Mani towers) where they took shelter during the countless local feuds that were fought here. Some of these Mani towers have been restored and can still be seen in the area. Welcome to the magical Mani!